Top Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

You know him so well. However, you’re still having trouble finding the best gift. Everything you think that would wow him is way too pricey, or it just appears like he already has everything he could ever need. We feel your pain. We understand that finding the right thing could be a lot easier once you think about a large number of interests. You can narrow down on what he loves most. So, here, we’ve handpicked one thing for each form of guy. We have a lot of unique finds particularly for the comedian or the romantic in your life. Spend some time browsing through these gift ideas for him.

Dotti Smart Pixel Light

If he can’t keep his smartphone away and lives in fear of missing a notification, this smart-light is for him. Dotti syncs with his phone via Bluetooth and lights up to alert him of incoming calls, texts, emails, events, and social media notifications. The artsy guy can create his pixelated graphics or have Dotti dance to music. It is compatible with many iOS and Android devices.

The Craft Your Own Bitters Kit

If he’s a fan of Manhattans, he can learn to make his bitters at home with this crafting kit. User-friendly instructions will guide your partner through the creation of his great extracts. The set has everything he needs to start out: four glass apothecary bottles, one funnel, one strainer, two infusing jars, a citrus blend, and an aromatic blend. All he needs to do is add alcohol! Eventually, he’ll be able to experiment with his recipes.

Jump Two-In-One Charging Cable

This handy portable charger is great for the guy on the go. The handsome red, white, and blue-colored rope cable snugly and neatly wraps around the power bank, so the charger doesn’t add extra bulk in his bag or pocket. The dual-sided gadget features a USB port on one side for computers, and a lightning cable on the other charge his iPhone (up to three hours of talk time or two hours of internet use).

Air Hockey

Everyone needs a break from spreadsheets and emails now and then. This double-sided desktop game easily slips between desks or on top of a shelf or filing cabinet. The board is similar to traditional hockey on one side, and the other is more like penny hockey. The set is designed for two players and includes two hockey sticks and three pucks.

Tooletries Travel Case

It might look just like the toolbox on his shelf in the basement, but this carry kit serves as a home for all of his grooming essentials. The case features a rugged exterior shell, a rubber handle, and a dual snap closure. It has two interior mesh pockets to keep his razor, shampoo, contact solution. It’s smaller than a sheet of computer paper.

Perfect Drink Pro

For the guy who loves a cabinet full of spirits but lacks bartending skills, this smart gadget makes the art of craft cocktails easy for him. The digital scale is compatible with a free app, so he can choose from hundreds of vetted drink recipes, and get detailed pouring instructions. While he pours, the scale syncs with the app to show a virtual glass filling up.

Where to Eat Pizza

The 576-page encyclopedia is an ultimate food-lovers guide about pizza. Inside the book, he’ll find detailed city maps to get him to the best spots without trouble, comprehensive reviews, key information, and other notable comments from industry experts, food critics, and well-known chefs.

Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

You can make breakfast for your special guy with a toaster that’s shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet. The kitchen gadget brands his breakfast sandwich with the logo of his favorite film series. Other settings, like reheat and defrost, can be used for toasting bagels or waffles. After breakfast, a surprise pair of tickets to the new movie will be a spot-on in the running for the best gift ever.

Mini Photo Pro Lens Kit


He spends a lot of time learning smartphone photography. Give him a hand: This five-in-one lens will take his Instagram game to a whole new level. The set covers all focuses—especially cool is the fisheye lens, which lets him capture almost 180-degrees of scenery, and the macro lens, which focuses clearly up to a half-inch from the subject for crisp close-ups. The lenses clip on with a secure detachable ring and come with a convenient carry case. Compatible with any Apple or Android device.

Front Page New York Times Reprint

Take him back in time to the day when he was born with a reprint of the New York Times’ front page. He’ll love reading all of the main news stories of the day. The reprint is available in multiple sizes, and can be framed with double matting and Plexiglass or unframed. This unique print will give his office a personal touch and is a great conversation starter too.

Top 10 Creative Gifts for Artists

Whatever your age or skill level is, a creative gift can inspire anyone to create. If you’re looking for a gift for an artist in your life, make sure you choose what will help them improve their skills. The best gifts for artists will appeal to their creative nature. Here we’ve included some of the best gifts to keep their creativity flowing.

3D Printing Pen

They can extend their artistic talent to the third dimension with this 3D printing pen. They can start drawing not just horizontally, but also vertically, wherever their inspiration takes them.

Cube 3D Printer

With this 3D printer, art will join technology. They can turn their own designs from digital files into actual objects! This 3D printer will print the piece of art in 3D right in front of them. 3D printing is where future technology and art production are headed. Surprise them with this 3D printer to unlock the digital creative process!

Ilford XP2 Super Single Use Camera with Flash

The idea of owning a film camera is not old-fashioned. It’s fun to go back to disposable analog cameras. Imagine the fun you will have with this black-and-white Ilford camera. Every one of 27 shots is recorded on the film when you press the shutter button, and you won’t know what the picture looks like until you develop the film. The vintage feel of capturing pictures sounds exciting for photography enthusiasts!

Water Color iPhone Case

This funky iPhone case is perfect for an artist because of the set of watercolors on the back. It instantly identifies the phone user as an artist. Next time they meet up with other artists, this iPhone case will be a great conversation starter.

Ztylus Switch 6

This 6-in-1 lens system enhances iPhone’s camera capabilities. Small as the Switch 6 is, the case is full of functionality. For mobile photographers, there’s nothing more exciting than having fisheye, wide-angle, telephoto and macro lenses all in one system. These lenses let them have more ways to capture creative moments in their lives.

53 Pencil

If they love to draw on their iPad, this designed-for-tablet 53 Pencil will take their creative process to the next level! They can take advantage of the cool features of the Pencil such as eraser and palm rejection on an app like Paper or Adobe Illustrator Draw. They will be amazed at the responsiveness of the buttery-smooth nib.

iskn Slate 2+ Digital Drawing Pad

Although digital sketching isn’t a new thing, the iskn Slate 2+ makes everything easier for beginners as well as experienced artists. The drawing pad also features the texture of a pencil or pen.

Vitra Toolbox

No matter what the tools they use for art creation, the Vitra Toolbox, designed by Arik Levy and Pippo Lionni, will suit their needs. The toolbox is for a variety of tools, such as pens, pencils, notebooks, and even hammers and screwdrivers.

Steal Like an Artist

No inspiration? No worries! While originality is important, some of the best-known artists have borrowed their works from what had been there. These artists just put a spin on them. Some of these borrowed works turned out to be better than the originals. Who are they? You’ll find out in this book.

Mini Portable LED Projector

This portable projector is lightweight and compact. It’s an easy solution for projecting movies and presentations on the go. The image quality is less sharp than more expensive models on the market, but as one of the smallest options on the market, you can get so much fun with this mini projector!